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Winston-Salem, NC 27101


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Storytelling  =  Heart   Everyone has a story to tell.  An experience that is completely unique to them.  Story telling and testimonials can be one of the most powerful tools you have as a business to bring your core message to life.

Stories humanize.

Our goal is for every video we produce to be as authentic and honest as possible.

We listen & watch, and then take the heart of the story and turn it into finished product.

  Twin City Health is the largest chiropractor office in Winston-Salem and they have stories galore to share with the world. 

  This video was created in an eight hour shoot spread between two days.


  Credits: interviewer, post effects and color correction, all post production and finalization

The Foster Care Chronicles has become one of my favorite projects.  I've gotten to work with them over the past two years as they use theater to help children in foster care process their experiences.  

This program is run out of UNCG: University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has made a great impact on us.

We decided this past year to change our approach to more of a mini-documentary and spent a total of 3 days over 4 months capturing stories.

Credits: directing, videography, audio, editing, post effects, color correction and finalization.

Half of what makes storytelling so much fun is getting to hear about all of the everyday heroes.  This is no exception.

We only had a few short hours to do five interviews, cover a live event and grab some BRoll but it turned out very well.

Credits: directing, all videography, audio engineering, post effects, color correction and finalization.