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What Tide Just Did /or/ I Don't Want You To Like Everything I Do

February 12, 2018

This sounds counter intuitive...but I'm fine if you don't love EVERYTHING I have produced.


Let me explain.


Think back to the last commercial or advertisement you ACTUALLY remember.  That commercial without a doubt had at least one of these things in common:

 -  Ingenuity

 -  Shock value

 -  Humor

 -  Strong emotions



Here is a very simple equation:



Risk + Execution = Successful Marketing



  To state the obvious. 

People remember things that are memorable. 

  Things that are memorable, tend to be risky.


  Think of marketing like investing.  It needs a balanced portfolio.  Some risk, some safe, some steady return, some unexpected wildcards. 

More on this in another blog.


  So why are we so risk averse when we can all see that obviously risk is what has built the marketing empires of Geico, Nike, Apple, Old Spice and most recently Tide?  Because it's not easy.  Many times it's less the "risk" and more that coming up with a good idea is just more work than doing a tried a true pan-for-pan voice over video. 


Here's the good news, you don't have to have someone take their shirt off to be create great risky marketing. 


"Risky" (good) marketing looks different in every industry.  For some, a risk in marketing may be being completely transparent, for others it may be sending their employees out for a day of volunteering, for others it's blowing up a filing cabinet full of student loans.  But DON'T throw your money at marketing that will not succeed because it won't be remembered.

  If you set out to make any sort of impact in your marketing and  at the same time you are trying to please everyone...........you've lost before you started.




 So make waves.  Take risks.  Be remembered.


  & give me a call to make it happen.  I love blowing stuff up.




- Seth Wingate is a videographer, creator and producer located in the "Twin City" of Winston-Salem, NC.  He founded Twin City Media five years ago in an answer for quality & affordable marketing in the area.   Since it's founding he has worked with Dickies Clothing Company, Cone Health and Kernersville Chamber of Commerce.

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