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Turns out...money CAN buy happiness says new study at British Columbia University

July 31, 2017

  Money and love.  Some claim money can't buy love.  Others claim they done need one or the other as long as they have enough of the other one.  (Every pop tune ever vs. every hip-hop song ever)


  Somehow both make the world go around.


  Get's confusing eh?


  Well according to a new study completed by researchers at Harvard, psychologists at Princeton, and some other people that probably got teased in middle school, money actually CAN make you happier.  


  That is, if you spend it right.


  What should you spend it on?  Spend your money on things you hate doing basically.


  Hire a maid.

  Respond to that doorknob flyer for lawn care.

  Book that videographer who wants to showcase your business.  (Somehow they left that out of the article...)


  For ONCE a study proves me right!  This is a big moment for me.  I remember several times over the past ten years that I had the choice of changing my oil myself or spending the additional $30 to just get it serviced.  


Option 1) Change oil myself


    Go to auto store.

    Wait in line while associate looks up filter.

    Buy oil.

    Double check reviews of oil online.

    Return lesser reviewed oil and remind myself to check the reviews ahead of time.

    Drive home.

    Find cardboard.

    Place cardboard under car.

    Drive back to auto store to recycle old oil and remind myself to recycle ahead of time.

    Drive home.

    Climb under car.

    Empty old oil.

    Replace filter.

    Replace oil.

    Throw away cardboard.

    Throw away shirt and pants that oil will never come out of.

    Repeat every 3,000-4,500 miles.


 Option 2)  Get car serviced.


     Find a coupon online.

     Drive to auto store.

     Catch up on facebook stalking while they change the oil.

     Turn down additional $89 service to clean my interior with their fingernails.

     Drive home.

     Continue facebook stalking.


Recently I've been choosing the latter every time for two good reasons.  I don't like changing the oil in my car (though I can, so I'm still a man....right?) and I can make the $30 difference back just by cooking two meals at home.  It's not a big deal.


  The most important reason :  One of the reasons I work so hard is to have money to SPEND IT.   So I spend it on things that I don't want to do.  That's why I have a job.


  I didn't even write this blog!


  Ok I did.


  But only because the kid cutting my lawn is busy.



  If you're really nerdy, read the article here

  Or the synopsis here


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash






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