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Facebook Videos Play Automatically with Sound and Unless You Do This...

July 20, 2017

  There are things that almost everyone has experienced.


  Enjoying bacon.

  Biting your tongue.

  Avoiding someone that you most definitely know but can NOT remember their name...was it Anthony?  (Probably not.)


   And finally, hopping on a website or app and some video starts blasting at 100 decibels out of your speakers...or worse, into your headphones.


   So what's the deal with those videos?  Welp, EVERYONE hates them.  So several years ago after a fair amount of venting from the online community Facebook had enough and said, "FINE!".  They huffed and puffed a little bit but in late 2015 Facebook made all automatically playing videos silent.  


And what happened?  Facebook advertisement took OFF.  ( https://digiday.com/media/silent-world-facebook-video/ )  


The reasons are obvious.  Videos playing automatically with sound will probably result in a lot of high schools...heck, even elementary students, in the principals office and most likely a lot of the rest of us in our bosses office.  Almost everyone checks their social media feed at some moderately inappropriate time.  This is even further proof that as far as any form of marketing is concerned, audience & PLATFORM are nearly equally as important.  Youtube videos play automatically with sound...and don't nobody really care.  Why?  If you're on Youtube you are probably there to hear something.  It's an experience that matches your intent.  Hopping on Facebook to see if you ex has finally liked your post and a Corona ad starts telling you how great summer is...that may NOT be the experience you want.


   Platform = audience.


   Now here's the weird thing.


   A few days ago my phone ( a Samsung S7 ) automatically updated my Facebook app AND informed that "Videos will now be playing automatically with sound.  Select OK"  (There was no "Select that this is definitely NOT OK" button just FYI).


   This was actually a change that was announced back in February of this year that Facebook would be moving to all videos playing automatically with sound.


    Thankfully, a tiny bit of Facebook app sleuthing and I found an easy accessible toggle switch to save your ears before it's too late.


1)   Open Facebook app

2)   Go to setting side bar (usually looks like three horizontal lines)

3)   Scroll down and select App Settings

4)   Toggle off Videos in News Feed Start With Sound




Sadly I didn't do it in time...I'll be back...my boss wants to talk to me.






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Facebook Videos Play Automatically with Sound and Unless You Do This...

July 20, 2017

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