Our Process

Understand Your Goals

Creating effective video always starts with establishing a great understanding of what you want and need from your video. A 30-60 minute conversation will ensure we're rolling in the right direction!

Together at the Top
In a Meeting


Once the video goals are well understood, we'll get working on the bells and whistles to make sure the right tools and tactics are being used.


Locations. On-Screen Talent. Script Writing. Production Crew. Camera Equipment.

These details (and more) will make or break your video. Luckily, you're already working the pros to ensure success!


Thanks to the fabulous pre-production stage, the production will be breeze! Our team of camera operators, makeup artists, audio technicians, and production assistants take away all the stress. 

Laughing and having a good time is mandatory and costs extra. 

Just kidding.

Video Production
Editing with Headphones

Post-Production & Deliverables

They say that the magic happens in the edit suite. MTV Cribs might disagree but that's besides the point! 

In the editing phase, we'll do the heavy lifting and make sure your needs are integrated into the final product. 

Once your masterpiece is done, we'll deliver you the final video in whatever way you need it. If you're not sure... we can help with that too! 

Let us help you

with your project.